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Terrain Certified Preowned/Reconditioned Medical Equipment

To provide patients with the best quality of care possible, medical institutions and practitioners must ensure that their medical equipment meets the needs of every patient. New medical equipment can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. For many private medical service providers it's simply beyond their reach to purchase all the new equipment they could make use of

certified medical equipment

As a result many practitioners purchase used or certified preowned medical equipment, or have their existing medical equipment evaluated for refurbishing or replacement. Refurbishing medical equipment is quite often the right solution in circumstances with budget limitations. Whether acquiring used medical equipment or refurbishing existing equipment, understanding what you are buying is crucial.

Certified Used Medical Equipment

Terrain Certified reconditioned equipment is put through a rigorous multi-point functionality inspection, ensuring it complies with the relevant engineering industry performance standards. Any necessary repairs or adjustments have done to OEM specifications, and the equipment is certified to perform like new.

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